Application for membership shall be made as follows:

  1. Candidate shall submit this application in writing on a form supplied by the Association containing an agreement to abide by the by-laws and observe the code of ethics of the Association.
  2. The application shall be endorsed by an Association member in good standing and shall be accompanied by a payment, In advance, in an amount sufficient to cover the current year’s dues. All payments so made shall be returned in full if membership is not approved.
  3. The Board of Directors, in whom shall be invested the exclusive right to elect membership, shall Investigate all applications for membership. The Board shall take action on all applications at the next regular monthly meeting following publication.


Classification Description Amount
Contractor – Level I Licensed contractor with 1 to 5 employees $290
Contractor – Level II Licensed contractor with 6 to 15 employees $490
Contractor – Level III Licensed contractor with 16 or more employees $790
Supplier Member Firms or individuals engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, jobbing, and/or selling HVAC/R products, equipment, fuels and/or energy. $490
Associate Member Vendors, insurance companies and related trades or professions providing non-HVAC services. $490
Affiliate Member Government agencies and their employees, educators or educational institutions, trade and professional associations. $140
This includes membership for contractor members in FRACCA. SFACA membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for US Federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as an ordinary business expense. For 2011, SFACA estimates that $47.48 of the dues payment constitutes a lobbying expense and, therefore, is not tax deductible.


  1. Any member whose dues are not paid in full within two (2) months after they become due and payable may be dropped by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
  2. Any member may be censored, suspended, or expelled from the Association only upon a vote of two-thirds 2/3 of the Association members present at any duly convened regular meeting.
  3. The Association shall have the right, in the event of the termination of membership of any person, firm, or corporation, voluntary or otherwise, to publish in a newspaper or newspapers of general circulation the fact that said person, firm, or corporation is no longer a member or in any way connected with the Association.


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